Adiem specializes in historical research
in and around the Philadelphia, PA area.

Welcome to Philadelphia: The Birthplace of Liberty!  Philadelphia boasts over 300 years of astonishing history.  Our diverse architecture and cultures stem from the number of early emigrants that came, not only from England, but from lands such as Ireland, Wales, Holland and Germany.  By 1825, the city was comprised of 15 wards as well as outlying townships, villages and settlements.  After centuries of restructuring, redefining and rezoning, Philadelphia now boasts 66 wards and 170+ culturally distinctive neighborhoods.   Our history is vast and well documented, with bits and pieces tucked away in hundreds of locations, big and small, throughout the area.

Adiem is located in the center of it all and we have been conducting historic research here since 2008.   We are available to do on-site searches at any of the areas 200+ repositories including the National and Regional Archives,  the Athenaeum of Philadelphia, the Library Company of Philadelphia, the University of Pennsylvania Archives and Record Center, Temple Urban Archives, Museums, the Historical Society of Pennsylvania and more!

We are way more than a document retrieval company.   We specialize in researching matters specifically related to Philadelphia's industrial and governmental history, but accept projects on various subject matters. 

By helping our clients formulate a research plan, we save them time, money and frustration.   We also provide suggestions for widening the scope of the search to answer the questions that will provide the most complete picture.


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